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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does DGMS offer Master of Medicine courses?

DGMS offers Master of Medicine coursework programmes which are "by-exams" only. There is no classroom teaching per se because the training is experienced at the hospitals. Doctors who meet the eligibility criteria may apply for the specific exam. Notwithstanding the above, we also offer Exam Preparatory Courses for selected specialties and discipline.

What are the requirements for the exam?

Each specialty has different requirements; the minimum requirement is to have a recognised basic Medical Degree. Please refer to the respective exam announcement(s) for the specialty(ies) you are interested in.

I am a foreign doctor not working in Singapore currently. Can I still take the Master of Medicine Exam?

If you fulfill our MMED exams' eligibility criteria, you may apply to sit for the examination. You may wish to visit our website for a comprehensive list of MMED exams administered by DGMS.

I am doctor practising overseas currently. If I pass the Master of Medicine exam, will I be able to get a job in Singapore?

Obtaining a Master of Medicine Degree does not guarantee employment in Singapore. Job opportunities in Singapore, with or without a MMED degree, is dependant on your potential employer and application with the relevant authorities such as Singapore Medical Council, Ministry of Manpower etc...

For employment in Singapore, recruitment is done directly by the Institutions. Hence, you may wish to contact them directly at http://medicine.nus.edu.sg/dgms/usefulLinks.shtml.

What is a Preparatory Course?

We offer Master of Medicine Exam Preparatory Courses for some of our MMED specialties and discipline. The Preparatory Course is an intensive exam-oriented full time course, comprising one or more components such as tutorials, lectures and mock exam.

The course content, which varies from specialty to specialty, is designed to prepare the doctors for their respective Master of Medicine Exams. The Preparatory Course is also suitable for doctors who are interested in having a refresher.

How do I submit my application?

You can submit your application form either in person, either yourself or someone else, or via post (courier preferred). DGMS address is Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. Block MD 3, Level 2, 16 Medical Drive, Singapore 117597.

How do I make payment for my application?

Payment could be made through credit/debit card (preferred) or cheques/bank drafts. DGMS does not accept cash payment.

I am applying for a job/course overseas, how do I get my NUS Master of Medicine or Graduate Diploma qualifications verified?

For verification of qualifications, please visit https://aces01.nus.edu.sg/odvs/search.jsp. If you require an official letter from our office, you may email the request to our Dept Secretary at . Please be informed that an administration fee of SGD10 + prevailing GST will be imposed.

Can I withdraw after I have been admitted to the course/programme?

Yes, you can withdraw after submitting in your application forms. For the withdrawal policy, it differs from specialty to specialty. Please refer to the announcement for the respective specialties.

Where the examinations are usually held?

The venues are usually within NUS campus and/or public hospitals. Depending on the size of the uptake, candidates will receive information of the venue from the Officer-in-Charge nearer the examination date.