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The Electron Microscopy Unit is a central facility in Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. Besides Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopes (TEM/SEM), the Unit also houses a Light Microscope (LM) and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for diversification of microscopy techniques employed in medical research.

Personalised training is provided for approved applicants, from sample preparation to using the electron microscope. Upon completion of training, users are allowed to work independently in the Unit. A nominal sum is charged for the training and use of the various instruments. The charges are graded according to Faculty, University, Research Institutes (Affiliated and External), and Industrial users.


The Electron Microscopy Unit has came a long way to be what it is now.

It is set up in 1971, under the management of the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine. Mr Chan Heng Leong is the pioneer in building up the laboratory and establishing the techniques. The very first microscope to serve the users was a Hitachi HS-8 and since then, a lot of upgrading and reviewing are being done to ensure the high quality service of the unit.

When the Unit was first started, it was under the supervision of a EM Committee, consisting of six members and a Chairperson from the different major departments in the Faculty. The members are Professor Leong Seng Kee (Anatomy), Professor Chan Soh Ha (Microbiology), Professor Lee Yoke Sun (Pathology), Professor Raja Sinniah (Pathology), Professor Ling Eng Ang (Anatomy) and Associate Professor Mary Ng Mah Lee (Microbiology), with Professor Lee Eng Hin (Orthopaedic Surgery) chairing the committee. In 1994, Associate Professor Mary Ng was appointed as the Director of the Unit and the EM Committee now acts mainly in the advisory capacity for the purchase of new equipment.


There are 5 laboratory officers in the Unit. Working closely together, they help one another in making sure the equipment are in working condition and the laboratory is a safe and comfortable place to work in. In addition, they provide training courses to minor and outside users when requested. They are also encouraged to actively involve themselves in exploring the instruments with different samples, and undertake collaboration projects.

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