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Department of Psychological Medicine












Clinical Staff

Assistant Professor and Associate Consultant


MBBS(Hong Kong), DPM(Ireland), Gdip Psychotherapy(S’pore), MMED(Psych)(S’pore), MRCPsych (UK)
Assistant Professor and Associate Consultant, Department of Psychological Medicine
National University Health System

Executive summary / Research Interests/ Publications / Book / Teaching Responsibilities/ Supervision of Postgraduates and UndergraduatesPostgraduate Studentship Available

Executive summary

Dr. Roger Ho is currently Assistant Professor and Associate Consultant at the Department of Psychological Medicine, National University of Singapore. His current researches focus on Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and meta-analysis. He is one of the pioneers in Asia to use multiple approaches to study the relationship between Psychiatry, Rheumatology and Immunology. 

Dr. Roger Ho is one of the co-founders of the Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) Research Programme at the National University of Singapore. He aims to be internationally outstanding researcher in PNI and to head the most comprehensive PNI research programme in Asia. Dr. Roger Ho is the member of the Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society (PNIRS) and the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK).

He has published at international journals such as International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychiatric Services, Rheumatology (Oxford), Advances in Psychiatric Treatment and Lancet. He is the author and co-author of over 15 publications in the past two years. He also serves as the member of research ethics committee (DSRB).

Dr. Ho has sustained high level of academic activity alongside with a huge clinical load. He is in charge of Depressive Disorder Clinic and Psychiatric Emergency Service. In the past 8 years at the National University Hospital, he has provided a first rate clinical service and holistic care for large number of patients who cannot afford psychotherapy.

His commitment to psychiatry goes beyond research and clinical service. He has established National University Hospital as a major postgraduate training centre for the MRCPsych examination and he is the editor of a new postgraduate textbook, Mastering the MRCPsych which will be published in 2010.

He was Honorary Assistant Professor to a number of universities in Asia, including the University of Hong Kong.

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Research Interests

My areas of research interest include studying the immunological aspects of psychiatric illnesses and psychiatric aspects of chronic inflammatory diseases. I am particularly interested in meta-analysis and meta-regression.

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Roger Ho (2010) Mastering the MRCPsych. London: Royal Society of Medicine Press (to be published).

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Teaching Responsibilities

 Postgraduate Teaching:

  • Teaching medical officers to prepare for the MRCPsych Paper 1, 2, 3 and CASC examination.
  • Teaching medical officers to prepare for the Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) examination.

 Undergraduate Teaching:

  • MBBS Year 3 Psychiatry Course
  • MBBS Year 5 Psychiatry Course
  • Examiner of the OSCE examination in psychiatry

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Supervision of Postgraduates and Undergraduates

Supervisor Currently for:

Ms Ho Yan-Yin, PhD candidate, 2009-
Exploring the dynamic assessment paradigm and its usefulness at assessing learning potential of schizophrenia patient.

Mr. Li Yang, MSc candidate, 2009-

Miss. Anna Chua, MSc candidate, 2010-
The relationship between depression and bone loss in humans and animals

Supervisors For Undergraduate Research:

Mr. Chen Kai Yang,  MBBS student from University of Western Australia, 2008,  Buprenorphine: aspects of prescription, misuse and service provision from a global perspective. (Published).

Dr. Cyrus Ho, MBBS student from NUS, 2008, Perceived weight of somatic symptoms in depression. (Received Dean’s award).

Mr. Melvyn Zhang, MBBS student from NUS, 2007, The influence of childhood atopic dermatitis on health of mothers, and its impact on Asian families. (Accepted for publication)

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Postgraduate Studentship Available

Postgraduate Studentship in Psychiatry and Psychoneuroimmunology is available.
If you are interested, please email me (

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